Combine lineart
with a photo

If you want to use the same image download it from the free stock photo site Stock.XCHNG (Search for Photo #426208 by entering 426208 into the search field. The image was shot by Piotr Lewandowski from Poland. Downloading is free but registering is required).

For this tutorial you need Photoshop and my DitherFREE plugin. If you use Mac OS X see the notes at the end.

Step 1

To get a visible dither pattern resize the image first:

Step 2

Duplicate the background layer:

Step 3

Step 4

Dither the image:

Step 5

Set the blending mode of the dither layer to Screen:

The result:


Experiment with different blend modes especially Overlay and Soft Light. Additionally try out other halftone patterns. Find examples on the plugin examples page.

Also try out different Unsharp Mask settings. An alternative to all the steps above with the advantage of quick visual control is my Dither plugin. Click on the screenshot below:

Note for Mac OS X users

Use "Cmd" instead of "Strg" in the keyboard shortcuts above.

Follow the tutorial till Step 4 then do the following: